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~My last year at CMU and in the Co-op~ [Aug. 27th, 2007|03:39 am]
Benjamin M S/W a.k.a. <BalsaaTheMagicalGuruGuy>
My gosh, I think I'm going to be involved in four art projects this semester... The musical that we finished most of last year (sans main character's songs), our first CD, the anti-genocide art collaboration (which you're invited to join!), and (if there's time) Connor's Jon DeVon project, which I figure we could maybe complete in a weekend. Oh, and I'm hopefully on the leadership board of the Co-op, and generally active. And readme. Sustainable Earth. Voices For Animals? The Pulse? (No.) Maybe doing extracurricular anti-genocide and cage-free egg work. I may not have any time to do classes this year, which is funny since I want to make it my most academically successful year yet, or more specifically, the year in which I learn the most.

This shall presumably be my last year at CMU. I'm going to try to make it a good one.

[User Picture]From: animalfreedom
2007-09-27 03:12 pm (UTC)
Hi, I saw you mentioned in this article and I wanted to invite you to join the planning of a veg fest in Pittsburgh. Our first meeting is on Saturday, but there will be other ones throughout Oct. We'd love to have you!

PS Regarding the cage-free campaign, you might find these articles of interest:
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-05-13 10:51 pm (UTC)

Nice quote

There's no such thing as a free lunch.
-- Milton Friendman

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From: (Anonymous)
2008-06-10 06:47 pm (UTC)

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2008-08-24 01:00 am (UTC)


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