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Benjamin's words and ramblings

always finding new shenanigans; if not that, then it must be "wow, the trees..."

Benjamin M S/W a.k.a. <BalsaaTheMagicalGuruGuy>
28 August
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Benjamin is a homeschooled student. He ROCKS. The two *may* be related - the public school system could probably use some work - but Benjamin modestly admits that he 0\/\/|\|~/_ |_| 4|_|_!!!!! *ahem* Benjamin has a lot of hobbies over a variety of artistic mediums (writing, art - in the ANIME STYLE, poetry, music (he pretends he can play the piano)), and at any one time is working on a large number of projects at once. This is his way of disguising the fact that he only rarely DOES anything. As of today (September 18th 2003, the day before International Talk Like A Pirate Day '03!), he is heading forwards into 13th grade. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior (all I've ever seen by them is the music video to 'Move Your Feet', which is awesome, I highly recommend it)... that's grades 9 through 12. But what then, is 13th grade? Few people would know, but some, some have heard stories. The stories. THEY'RE ALL TRUE. This is the - from the Japanese, roughly translated (into Japanese), it (is supposed to) mean 'Thanksgiving Grade'. Yeah, I just made that up. Right. Fine. Let's move on. So I didn't go to college this year, but that DOESN'T MEAN I'M NOT DOING ANY WORK THIS YEAR! In fact, I'm participating (for the 5th year in a row) in a homeschooling group led by Mrs. Cook... and this year, we're writing novels again. (We're doing some other stuff occasionally, but mainly novels.) I want to do one telling the story about a bunch of people. And have robots and people come in. And stuff.
It will rock!
I'm also writing a bunch of other stuff like Bunny Princess Koko (oh, it's so hilarious!), Fantasy Cross Trilogy Book II: Story of a Few Children, and a bunch of crap I forget about. And I'm taking Harmony II at CCAC.